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300The unique benefits of choosing NSHC for your home and community care needs

  • The PuttyConcierge interface allows seniors and carers to compare a range of service providers and costs. 
  • NSHS offers the ultimate in security – besides powerful encryption, all service providers are subject to strict accreditation procedures. 
  • Seniors and carers can setup alerts and notifications that are sent via phone, SMS, email, or the PuttyConcierge console. 
  • Secure videoconferencing makes it easy for seniors and carers to stay in touch remotely and, when possible, communicate face-to-face with service providers. 
  • Booking and billing is fully integrated and centralised. 
  • NSHS offers incentive programmes for participating seniors and carers. 


What our customers are empowered to say when they choose NSHC!

  • I am free to choose which providers I use for various homecare services. 
  • I can rest assured that my interactions with NSHS and homecare providers are safe and secure. 
  • I will never forget an appointment or miss a home visit because I am always kept informed. 
  • I can easily stay in touch with my carers or dependents and my homecare providers. 
  • I will never struggle to coordinate bookings and bill payments. 
  • I know that my continued use of the NSHS service will be rewarded.