NSHS Concierge Service

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NSHS Concierge Service
NSHS Concierge Service

Our aim

The Concierge service is designed to provide North Shore Homecare Services clients and the wider community with access to 24/7 assistance. We coordinate trusted affiliates and can provide our clients with out-of-the-box technology such as pre-loaded tablets so that clients may access services as diverse as prescription medication delivery and home maintenance. 


Our reasons

We believe that healthcare and associated homecare services should be reliable and available on-demand. In order to cater to the different needs of our clients, we offer contracts that assure immediate access to Concierge services for clients who require ongoing support and management, or ‘by the service’ access to clients who only occasionally draw upon the resources available through Concierge.

Who are we

The Concierge service is run by North Shore Homecare Services and our trusted affiliates. Concierge is powered by Claydata’s PuttyHealth e-health solutions. 

How we work

Concierge is available to members of the community as either a membership service or a non-member service. As a member, the client has free access to a personalized concierge (an online service assistant accessible via the internet or telephone), telehealth facilities, personal electronic health records (EHR/PCEHR) and special offers. In addition, there are a series of onsite services and programmes that can be accessed at a lower price (i.e. with no call-out fee).

Clients can become a member or pay by the service. Membership options are payable month-by-month, or by a 12-month contract or a 24-month contract. All memberships come with 100% satisfaction guarantees. 


  • Month-by-month: $29.95 per month*.
  • 12 months contract: $24.05 per month*. 
  • 24 months contract: $19.95 per month*. 

*Conditions apply. 

Please refer to this chart for the various benefits accorded to members and non-members.


(from $19.95)
CONCIERGE SERVICE No charge No charge 
TELEHEALTH No charge  $4.99 per call 
ONSITE SERVICE CALL OUT  No charge $30 per call out 
MEDICAL PROGRAMS (e.g. CMA)  Medicare rate* AMA rate* 
DRUG DELIVERY  No charge $5 per delivery 
EHR / PCEHR  No charge $5 per month 
SPECIAL OFFERS  Included Not included 

*Conditions apply.