North Shore Homecare Services - Our Mission

NSHS liberates seniors and their carers from the constraints of traditional home care services, harnessing cutting-edge communications technologies to connect them with a huge network of providers offering general or specific homecare services. Powered by Claydata’s PuttyConcierge console, seniors and carers use a simple touch-screen interface to book a diverse range of homecare services: transportation, meals, medical care, entertainment, maintenance and more.

North Shore Homecare Services - Outreach Programme

Outreach Programme brochure (pdf)The North Shore Medical Group is excited to announce the launch of North Shore Homecare Services (NSHS), whose aim is to deliver medical services directly to patients in the aged care sector. 

The NSHS Outreach programme allows elderly residents at home, living independently, in aged care facilities or in hospital to access medical services using an innovative combination of personal management and telehealth. Through the Outreach programme, residents can access medical providers, allied health providers, welfare service providers and recreational service providers. 

Take a look at our brochure to find out more